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We are Kirana store owners, who are members of Khakkar Seva Udyogs; derive 'special' benefits in numerous ways.

About Us

Food Safety and Quality Standards at Khakkar Seva Udyog
Khakkar Seva Udyogs provide safe and affordable food, so people can live better.

Care: We care for our community by selling only safe food.
Customer Service: We serve our members through a team of food handlers trained in food safety best practices.
Courage: We always do the right thing for our members. Food safety is non-negotiable.  
Continuous Improvement: We have a dedicated food safety team which continuously works towards monitoring and improving the food safety standards.  

High Five: Five Best Practices followed at Best Price Modern Wholesale Stores
Be Clean, Be Healthy: Personal hygiene of very high standards is followed by the food handlers through frequent hand wash, use of hand gloves, hair nets & other protective gear to preserve the wholesomeness of fresh food. This ensures that only healthy associates handle the fresh food.
Keep it Cold, Keep it Hot: All perishable food items are preserved to ensure high quality of food. A superior cold holding infrastructure at Best Price Modern Wholesale stores preserves quality of fresh and frozen product assortment.
Don't Cross Contaminate: Vegetarian products, Dairy, Meat & Fish departments are physically separated from each other. Best Price respects the science of food safety and quality and the religious sentiments of our members.
Wash, Rinse & Sanitize: Modern and international best practices for sanitation and hygiene are followed at Best Price Modern Wholesale stores. All food equipment's are sanitized every four hours. A combination of science and care ensures providing an excellent shopping experience to the Members.
Cook it & Chill it: Products are cooked and chilled using scientific principles for offering safe and high quality food to the members.
Our Member's Benefit  
Kirana store owners, who are members of Khakkar Seva Udyogs, derive 'special' benefits in numerous ways:
A) There are an estimated 12 million kirana stores in India of which as much as 90% are not directly serviced by India's FMCG majors. Khakkar Seva Udyogs offer them access to quality products at the lowest prices they need and when they need them.
B) Assortment, service and store layout of Khakkar Seva Udyogs are customized to their specific needs to help them get the benefit of high quality products at best prices to enhance their business profitability.
C) Khakkar Seva Udyog help kirana stores manage their inventory better by enabling them to purchase in quantities they need and at the time they require. They can hence take advantage of Best Price store by using it as their own god own, thus freeing up their capital for business rather than lock it up in inventory.